StarBass V accelerometer

Continued research into accelerometer technology has led to the development of the Starbass V series. Equipped with Murata industrial sensors for improved linearity, low distortion, insensitivity to RF inteference and airpressure variantions, completely free from non-axial pickup as well as transformation effects often seen with pickup coil based systems.

ScanSpeak and SBacoustics drivers

The Little/One MK2 is equipped with a StarBass54 equipped ScanSpeak woofer featuring a coated NRSC Fibre Glass Cone, magnet system with an aluminium ring, a low damping SBR rubber surround and a die cast aluminium chassis with a below vented spider. The SBacoustics tweeter features a copper pole piece cap, soft fabric dome, shielded neodymium motor, flow resistor coupled damping cavity and a CCAW voice coil.

High Density Fiberboard

All Little/One MK2 enclosures are constructed in house by hand from acoustically dead 18mm black CNC cut High Density Fiberboard.

Warnex Finish

3 layers of WARNEX highly scratch resistant texture paint gives the Little/One MK2 the robustness needed to survive the stresses and strains of studio use and abuse as flower pot stand. Its slightly grainy texture makes a great proffesional appearance too.

Silicon Wiring

High quality non resonant flexible silicon wiring is used for connecting the amplifier module to the enclosure drivers and red illuminated power indicator on the front. The accelerometer is connected using shielded cable.

BH2D Module

The Little/One MK2 is equipped with the latest version of the Piratelogic BH2D amplifier module.

Professional Faceplate

A high quality screen printed faceplate gives the MK2 a professional look while offering improved convection to maximize the lifespan of the onboard buffer electrolytics.

Connection and Mounting

The signal input connection is equipped with a studio quality gold plated RCA connector, the backside of the Little/One MK2 is fitted with an M8 nut insert for mounting agains walls and ceilings via an optional bracket.


  • Low Note: ScanSpeak 15W/8434G00 5.25 inch/15cm Midwoofer 8ohm, Coated Fiberglass Cone, Ferrite Magnet, Alu Ring.
  • High Note : SBacoustics SB26STCN-C000-4 26 mm, Copper shorting ring, soft fabric dome, neodymium motor.
  • Amplifier : Piratelogic BH2D 2way active 50 watts class D module with LR2/4 Xover, Dynamic Low Protector and 15dB mfb control loop.
  • Input : -10dBu @ 50Kohm (240mV) fully controllable via a smartphone connection or external Bluetooth adapter. The sensitivity is adjustable at the rear.
  • Frequency response : 35hz - 15khz (-3dB)
  • Weight: 3.5 kg each without packaging. Dimensions : 17 x 17 x 24 cm.
  • Power supply via an included external 24V 90 watt 220V mains adapter.
  • Color: black Warnex, rough finish.
  • 5 years bring-in warranty on the enclosure.

Sold in pairs of two for euro 1499.-