Smooth Red

All Little/One loudspeakers are 24cm tall, 17cm wide and 17cm deep, but that's pretty much where standards end. Next to the stock colours black, white and red any other color is available upon request. To match more classical styled interiors natural wood finisched versions are available.

Analytical White

To cater for individual taste the Little/One comes with two different driver sets very much like when choosing a car by suspension. Some like it smooth and may choose our polypropylene set where others may prefer a little more analytical ride using the kevlar set. Whaichever set you might choose, the motional feedback electronics will make it sound at least 4 times bigger then the eye would expect.

532 Tribute

Based on research performed in the Philips Physics Laboratory the first motional feedback enclosure introduced was the 22RH532. Out of respect to the former Philips mfb development team the Little/One is also available as a tribute version closely mimicking the 532's original look and feel.

Made in Amsterdam

The Little/One enclosure, electronic amplifier module and motional feedback accelerometer are designed, developed and manufactured by hand at Piratelogic in Amsterdam, Holland.

We hope that the music passing through these loudspeakers will somehow help to bring just a little more peace to this troubled world.


The Little/One electronic amplifier module is located at the back of the enclosure and placed in a die-cast aluminium housing. The amplifier inputs accept normal line level and mobile phone signals by adjusting the volume potentiometer at the top. To allow for easy daisychaining each little/one is equipped with 2 paralel connected in/outputs. To operate at full power a Little/One needs 24VDC at 4A.

Animated frequency response

The animation (large) shows the several stages of correction (1) directly connected to a amplifier without any correction or filtering (2) with 70hz HPF (3) with 20hz step filter (4) with MFB correction (5) with DLP added and finally (6) nearfield 10cm on axis with the tweeter. Tests with other drivers and further tuning are in progress. Please note these measurements were taken in a non anechoic room (my workspace) and thus contain unwanted highnote reflections.

We talk Dante

Upon request our Little/One's can be fitted with a Dante Interface, an uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology, with near-zero latency and synchronization. Dante is the preferred audio networking solution that has been adopted by more pro-audio AV manufacturers than any other networking technology. Interoperability is not a dream of the future, but a reality today. Hundreds of Dante-enabled products are available from the world’s leading manufacturers, enabling you to mix devices from multiple manufacturers.


The Little/One is sold through a certified dealer network, to obtain a local dealer address please use our contactpage.