Connector board

The 08S5 connector board features a XH jst connector for connection to the amplifier module while providing a stable basis for the high excursion accelerometer coax lead.

Large motor assembly

The 08S5 motor design delivers the highest, balanced level of performance sporting a high integrity magnetic flux gap optimised to generate the minimum amount of flux modulation in the magnetic assembly during typical voice coil movement within the gap.

StarBass V accelerometer

The Piratelogic StarBass V series accelerometer is based upon the same Murata shock sensor technology as found in many computer hard disk drives where it detect impacts - for example, when the storage falls to the floor - in a fraction of a second and prevent read and write errors. In woofers they perform a similar task by extending the power amplifier feedback loop to include cone excursion information thereby drastically improving the control of the amplifier over the driver acoustical output.

Rigid aluminium cone

The best choice of cone materials is governed by the intended application. Not all materials are ideal for all applications. The advantage of aluminum for the bass driver is its good balance between performance and cost. It is easily formed, consistent in production and has a good ratio of stiffness to weight. More exotic materials have very little further advantage in this size of bass driver.

Convex dustcap

The convex aluminium dustcap assures airtight enclosure sealing safeguarding use with high pressure high Q enclosures. After accelerometer build-in the aluminium dome is put back into place using thermal adhesives.

Diecast spider

The diecast frame assures stable operation even at high excursion levels.